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Acid Stained Concrete

Acid Stained Concrete

Are you looking for idea�s ? Maybe your doing a remodel ?

How about removing that old Carpet ,Tile , or Vinyl and replace it with a stained floor ? That�s right. No engineering required! We can go right over your wood sub floor with the proper preparation and in the process create a great new modern look.

If your not interested in a stain perhaps you would consider a stamped overlay? We have many patterns to chose from which than can be colored to fit your interests and needs.

Another option is a ground and polished floor that looks similar to Terrazzo flooring. The process requires us to apply and overlay on the floor, than we grind the Overlay to the desired look, add color ,Densifiers, and sealer. You end up with a beautiful floor that required no Engineering.

Are you building a new home? Often we are contacted when a new home has been completely framed and the new owners are considering what to do with their floors. Usually they are looking for a contractor to pour some kind of light weight concrete , often times structural engineering has not been addressed.
No problem ! With an overlay product we can go over your wood subfloor usually no more than about 3/8th of an inch , the weight of this additional material is approximately 2 to3 pounds per square foot. This product can than be Stained or Stamped. If you would like to read more about either of these products you can do so in FAQ.

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